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 Hems, Seams, Zips & Buttonholes - Everything You Need for the Finishing Touches

                 This is a Half Day Course ~ 2 pm - 5 pm ~ but can be Extended to a Full Day Course Upon Request


This course is perfect for beginners or experienced sewers that are a bit rusty. All of these techniques can be applied to either home furnishings or to dressmaking.


Hems Seams ZipHems:

We have hems on everything we wear, and sewing a hem is a much needed skill. Depending on what you want to hem or alter there are quite a few ways to do them. Learn how to sew a turned hem, a blind hem, apply a Honk Kong hem and use bias binding. 


Have you ever been put off a project because it required a lapped seam, a French seam, or the fabric you wanted to use is transparent or frays ? Learning the basics of seams and being able to make those finishing touches means that you can confidently approach some of those projects that you thought were out of reach

Zips & Button Holes:

Have you wanted to start dressmaking but can’t because it required zips or buttonholes, or you’ve tried to insert a zip and it didn’t quite turn out you wanted ? Learning the basics of zips and button holes means that you can then confidently approach making your own skirts and trousers.



This class is suitable for beginners, but you should have some basic knowledge of how to use a sewing machine - plesase feel free to talk to us about if you need a quick refresher class beforehand

 You will take home all of your samples along with a 20 page illustrated manual so that you can continue sewing confidently at home.

 A basic sewing kit will be needed including, scissors, needles, colour matched threads, markers etc.

 Half Day Course ~ 2pm to 5 pm ~ refreshments provided.


Hems Seams Zips2


home Interiors Curtains Cushions

Interiors, Curtains & Cushions

We professionally make curtains and soft furnishings to the highest standards in our dedicated workrooms.

 Additionally, if you would like to learn make curtains or need help with a home furnishing project, we can offer bespoke one-to-one tuition tailored to your requirements, or see our Courses for learning in small groups.

 We also offer an intensive Two Day Course that is taliored for those that want to learn home furnishing in a short space of time, and for those that want to turn their hobby in a business.

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