Vintage Silk Underwear ~ Knickers & Slips ~ Fashion on the Ration

                This is a a Full Day or a Weekend Course

40s Knickers1

In the 1940’s we were short of fabric, but what did we have most of all was parachute silk, this was perfect for making underwear and dresses. So in the greatest spirit of the "Make do and Mend" that’s exactly what women did.

This course will introduce the basics of sewing with silk and detailing with covered buttons to make luxurious dresses and silky underwear.

This is perfect for vintage enthusiasts or as a gift for those that are intererested in our vintage and heritage.

Patterns and full course instructions will be provided, and materials can also be supplied for a small fee.


40s Knickers2.png

This class is suitable for beginners, but it would be helpful to have some basic knowledge of how to use a sewing machine.


Full Day Course ~ 10 am - 5 pm, refreshments provided, but not lunch.



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